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Local Business Gives Skills

Local Business, Soul Business Connections, has signed the Wigan 4 Good Pledge. Suzanne...more

Wigan4Good Grant Success Story 1

In January 2014, our 4 successful grant applicants received their cheques. Sensorial CIC...more

Giving Resources

Thanks to the power of networks we have been able to donate most of our spare resources...more

Can you help?

Volunteering Opportunity of the Month

Independent Visitors is another lifeline for children in care - a responsible adult who's...more

Support the Wigan 4 Good Fund

Wigan 4 Good has now started fundraising! All monies raised will be distributed to groups...more

Volunteering Opportunities Needed

We’re working with a number of business and organisations in the Wigan borough to find...more

Support for groups

Wigan 4 Good Fund

The Wigan 4 Good Fund is our new small grants fund! more


Online Support

Our online Support section pulls together a series of fantastic online tools and resources.more

Pro Bono Assistance

Wigan 4 Good has pledged to approach local businesses to give their help and time.more